Innovation Through Inclusion

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence Through Inclusive Hiring Practices

Humanizing the Workforce

Uniting Talented Mothers with Progressive Companies

At Every Mother Knows, our core purpose is to bridge the gap between talented mothers seeking meaningful career opportunities and companies eager to foster a diverse, inclusive, and family-friendly workplace.

We believe in empowering women to pursue their professional aspirations without sacrificing their roles as mothers. Our mission is multifaceted — we aim not only to connect these skilled individuals with forward-thinking companies but also to advocate for workplace practices that support working mothers.

Through our talent platform, we strive to create a world where every mother can find a job that respects her need for work-life balance while contributing her unique skills and perspectives to the workforce. By doing so, we help companies enhance their cultural diversity, drive innovation, and improve employee satisfaction.
We’ve been partnering with Every Mother Knows for the last 2 years on employee and manager coaching, local candidate events, recruitment and Returnship programs. They have been an invaluable partner to our organization and teams. They have built an incredible network in the Dutch marketplace and they've introduced our organization to top talent through our partnership. They are committed to elevating others, fairness and equity, building meaningful partnerships and challenging people to be their best.
- B. Lopez / Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Workiva
Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Recruiting Excellence

Tap into an exceptional pool of motivated professionals eager to contribute their best work.


Cultivate a workplace environment where valuable employees feel understood—and their needs met.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive innovation by welcoming diversity in its many forms—a surefire way toward comprehensive growth.

Employer Branding

Showcase yourself as an employer who prioritizes work-life harmony—an appealing trait for forward-thinking talents.

Platform Overview

Every Mother Knows equips you with a suite of tools and resources designed to transform how you attract, retain, and support top-tier mother talent.

Curated Job Board

Attract exceptional mother talent eager to make impactful contributions within family-friendly environments.

Dedicated 1:1 Coaching

Empower your team with personalized support from our expert coaches.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Optimize your hiring process with our comprehensive tool designed for efficient candidate engagement and management.

Certification Program

Elevate your brand as an employer of choice for mothers seeking inclusive workplaces that foster both career ambitions and family life.

Advanced HR Tools

Leverage cutting-edge technology, like our Bias Detector, designed to ensure fairness in hiring practices.

Webinars & Seminars

Equip your team with knowledge through expert-led webinars and seminars tailored towards fostering supportive workplaces for working parents.