We are on a mission to close the gender and talent gap in the current job market by connecting mothers to jobs and career opportunities at diverse, flexible and family friendly companies. Our vision is to fight the motherhood penalty and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace for him, for her and for the next generation. Through career coaching, job search support, training and networking opportunities, we enable mothers to return to work or make the next step in their careers.

At the heart of everything we do is the empowerment of mothers. Founded by Angela Fusaro in Amsterdam, our journey began in January 2018. Our platform transcends a mere job-finding service; it acts as a catalyst for change, committed to reducing the gender and talent gap in today’s workforce.

We recognize the challenges mothers face when they seek to re-enter or advance within their careers. Therefore, our mission is focused on connecting these talented women with companies that prioritize diversity, flexibility, and family-friendly environments. We aim at fostering spaces that not only support work-life balance but also encourage professional growth.

Our vision? To eliminate the motherhood penalty—one employment opportunity at a time—and create an inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed: men, women, and future generations alike. Through personalized career coaching, comprehensive job search assistance, specialized training programs and dynamic networking events—we equip mothers with all necessary tools for success.

Angela Fusaro leads this initiative from Amsterdam Area. Originally from Italy, she's also a proud mum of two little Amsterdammers who enjoys savoring espresso, relaxing by seaside escapes or unwinding on her yoga mat. With more than six years at its helm (and counting), Every Mother Knows has transformed into much more than just a platform—it's now a vibrant community where aspirations are nurtured.

If you're looking to return your career after pausing for family reasons or seeking your next professional achievement—we’re here every step of the way! Join us as we continue building paths toward fairer workplaces because together—we can bring about significant changes not only in our lives but throughout society.

Angela Fusaro
Co-Founder & CEO
Ric Pallaoro
Co-Founder & CTO