We bring the skills of mothers to work

Connecting women to jobs and career opportunities at diverse, flexible and family-friendly companies

Insights from diversity hiring

For forward-thinking corporations, embracing the exceptional talents of mothers isn't just a move towards inclusivity—it's a strategic advantage.

increase in satisfaction rate
higher retention rate
increase in net profit

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Whether you're stepping back into the workforce after a pause or seeking growth in your career, our solutions are designed with you in mind.

Platform Overview

For Business
Every Mother Knows equips you with a suite of tools and resources designed to transform how you attract, retain, and support top-tier mother talent.

Curated Job Board

Attract exceptional mother talent eager to make impactful contributions within family-friendly environments.

Dedicated 1:1 Coaching

Empower your team with personalized support from our expert coaches.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Optimize your hiring process with our comprehensive tool designed for efficient candidate engagement and management.

Certification Program

Elevate your brand as an employer of choice for mothers seeking inclusive workplaces that foster both career ambitions and family life.

Advanced HR Tools

Leverage cutting-edge technology, like our Bias Detector, designed to ensure fairness in hiring practices.

Webinars & Seminars

Equip your team with knowledge through expert-led webinars and seminars tailored towards fostering supportive workplaces for working parents.

Looking to increase women talent in your organization?

Elevate your organization by embracing the future of work—a place where mothers thrive, diversify talent pools, and contribute significantly to innovation and revenue growth. Join us in shaping supportive workplaces that champion both career ambitions and family life. Apply now to become a beacon of progress.

Attract Top Talent

Witness a surge of up to 4.5x more applicants eager to join your team.

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