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January 25, 2017

Annalisa lives in Italy with her husband and son. She works in the fashion industry and recently sat down with Every Mother Knows to tell us her story.

How old was your child when you returned to work?

My son was 2 years old at the time. At first I worked part-time. I pi...

January 18, 2017

This morning I wake up to a white and cold winter scene. 

The trees in my street are covered in a mix of white ice and snow, same as the roofs of the cars and the pavement outside.

As I step outside to take my child to school, the noise from the street cha...

January 11, 2017

As someone who was born in a seaside town in the south of Italy, I’ve a special relationship with the sea and water in general.  
Now that I live in Amsterdam where there is plenty of canals and an average of 187 rainy days per year,I can’t really complain in terms of...

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