© Angela Fusaro

What does your lifestyle say about you?


A - Living with Balance

You have a good balance in your life.

Your children come first but career, relationships, family life and your well-being are also important.

You can prioritise certain activities above others. And you know when to take some time off without feeling guilty.

That promotion at work? You know how to work for it too.


Life for today’s mums can be hectic  but you stay positive and focused.  

So what if you're having a bad day at work? No problem, you can take a break for some fun and play with your family. Tomorrow you'll feel fresh, energised and ready to hit the road again. 

However the biggest challenge for you will be to sustain the balance.

Go forward today! 


B - Working Hard

You’re  focused on work, parental duties and household responsibilities. 

Dedication, hard work and efforts are core values in your life.  

You have ambitious plans and you’re always searching for improvements.


That’s good - to make things happen means doing our best.


But... when was the last time you took a day off and did simply nothing? Perhaps stayed in bed till late or lounged on the sofa with a good book?

Don't be afraid to allow space in your life.  Sometimes a little fresh air and freedom can inspire clarity and energy. This means working better and smarter.


You will  achieve your goals more easily and smoothly. So maybe it’s time to take that soak in the tub?


Relax today!


C - Caring for Others

Caring for others means everything to you.

At home you ensure everyone is doing fine.

You’re always there for your loved ones.

And the birthdays of friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters...everyone? You're the one who remembers the dates and still sends warm messages and wishes on those special occasions. 


Caring for others is important but don’t forget about yourself. Make some time to understand your needs and ambitions. Don’t be afraid to look inside yourself and discover your passions.

The spark in your lif will be reignited and your career will follow suit. 


But how do you do this? For one, start small. Try that new hair cut you saw in that magazine yesterday? Or join that seminar for mums who want to start a new business?


Get inspired today! 



D - Doing it All

Your life is a blend of different interests, hobbies and activities.


You are super busy and you commit to more than you can actually take on.  You enjoy working on different things at the same time.


Checking your emails while cooking a meal for the kids? No problem!

Putting on make-up while on the way to work. Easily done!

Time is short and precious - you don't want to miss out on anything.  


But what if you slow down and focus on one thing at the time? That way you can accomplish more and feel less stressed. 

You don’t need to say YES to anything right now. Opportunities come back else they were not meant to be. 


Be mindful today!