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Mothers Say...

Angela was referred to me by a friend. I was not too sure about coaching, but the advice and mentorship I received was immensely valuable. Thanks!

Gretta Hedley, Accountant 

Managing a new-born baby, a career and your relationship does not leave much time for yourself. With Angela's guidance I was able to rediscover and revitalised myself.

Elisabete Marques, Photographer

I put my career in the backseat while I took care of my children. When I wanted to start again in the working world, Angela guided me with advice, feedback and nuturing for the soul.

Carmen Alexandra, Lawyer

Career Coaching for Today's Mum

Every day mothers juggle their family lives, careers and relationships.

Modern society expects a woman to be a caring homemaker, nurturer, dedicated professional and a wonderful companion.

And in between all of that, a woman must take care of her own style, health, beauty and well-being. 

How does your lifestyle fit into all the above?


A warm welcome to Every Mother Knows.
This space is for todays's mums who want to feel empowered, energised and inspired at work and in life.  

Does this sound like you?

"I am a mother and a smart professional."

"I plan to return to work after a break."

"I want to grow professionally, take control of my career, do a job I Iove but I also want quality time with my family. How will I manage?"

"I am very busy. Every day is a rush from one task to the next. I am left with little energy and can't wait for bed."

"I crave time to take care of myself and nourish my inner beauty."

"I want to connect with the people I love."

My name is Angela Fusaro. I'm a mother and psychologist. I've worked in corporate, non-profit and start-up environments.

As an expat living in Amsterdam with my family, I have personally experienced the challenges of combining the role of mother with talented professional.

I assist with career coaching for mums and design programmes to help mums start back at work with confidence. You can reinvent your career while embracing healthy habits that benefit your work as well as your well-being, relationships and family life. 

My approach is holistic and includes a diverse set of knowledge, wisdom and tools from Positive Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness and Human Resources Management. 

Join me and learn new ways to better balance your life and work, discover your potential and tap into your inner wisdom... because Every Mother Knows!


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