© Angela Fusaro

What does the festive season mean to you?


A - Family and Friends

The festive season is definitively the best time of the year. You look forward to it and you enjoy spending it with people you love. The more the merrier -  you love being surrounded by family and friends.

Preparation is fun! This includes shopping for Christmas gifts, decorating your place and baking homemade traditional recipes you learned from your grandmother a long time ago.

This is the time of the year when you rediscover old traditions and fuzzy feelings. 

Why not spice things up a bit this year? Try something new - an exotic recipe or a different concert than Christmas carols? That may open up a whole new world of opportunities and discovery.


B - A Little Escape

The festive season is a great opportunity to take a break from life and its responsibilities .

You enjoy going somewhere different or far away from your home every year.

New adventures give you the thrills that you desire. Now there's free time so carpe diem.  


Traditions? Bah humbug! You'd rather enrich yourself with new experiences and learning.

Why not try something new by doing something old? Traditions have stood the test of time. They may offer new wisdom for life.

Remember, it’s not just about the things we do but the perspective from which we experience them. 


C - Time for yourself

The festive season is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, review priorities and plan the next year.  

Reading a good book on the couch on a Saturday evening is an absolute joy.

Seeing friends and family is fine but you don’t want to spend the entire holidays with them. Peace and quiet at home is your cup of tea.  

Why not get out your comfort zone this festive season? Connecting more with your loved ones or doing something new can also be a great way to learn something about yourself.   


D - Too much stress

Festive season? Probably not your favorite time of the year! Stress, traffic jams, late trains...the list goes on. Not to mention all that preparation needed on the days before the festivities kick off.

Even holidays don't give you much escape. You still think about work and unpaid bills.  It is  difficult to switch off and relax. Life during this time of the year is different from your normal routine. Your rhythm skips a beat... and that is annoying. 

Why not simply accept that you are not particularly fond of this season? Keeping an open heart might help you find your place and balance during this period. Let it be.